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The University of Rochester Medical Center was one of the first research sites in the U.S. to conduct HIV vaccine studies. Our long-term experience has allowed us to offer guidance to many other international HIV studies. 

The Rochester Victory Alliance is a committed group of experienced, local pioneers passionate about developing an HIV vaccine.

We work closely with the Rochester community to inform and educate. We participate in many events throughout the year to meet folks interested in our work. Check out our events calendar to see what we’re up to.


Director & Principal Investigator:
Dr. Michael C. Keefer

Dr. Christine M. Hay, Dr. Cynthia Monaco, Dr. James J. Kobie, Dr. John P. Cullen

HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials Unit Coordinator:
Catherine A. Bunce

Community Education & Recruitment:
Cody Gardner, Rudy Lott

Research Nurses:
Susan Antenozzi, William Coughlin, Emily Smith,

Data Manager:
Andrew Moran

Community Advisory Board

Chair: Nick Ferraio

 Co-chair: Ramil Sapinoro

HVTN GCAB Rep: Ramil Sapinoro

ACTG: Pedro Benitez

CFAR NCCC Rep: Michael Willoughby

Help our team stop the spread of HIV.

to all the volunteers dedicated to ending the spread of HIV.

Located at The University of Rochester
601 Elmwood Ave Box 689,
Rochester, NY 14642

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